Norman Liebman was born in New Jersey. He lives and works in Miami, Florida and East Hampton, New York.


2561 North Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida 33137
43 North MainStreet, East Hampton, New York 11937

Art Education

Rutgers University, New Jersey
Chautauqua Art Institute, New York
Art Studentís League NYC

Artist Statement

Who am I? My secret is out. I am a surgeon who practiced that art form for more than thirty years. Before, during and after my medical career, I painted, sculpted and was always enthralled with art. That I have enjoyed the kudos of my colleagues of both professions is for me the highest honor. That this recognition has spread to knowledgeable people in the art world to the extent that it has, is some-thing totally unexpected and particularly sweet at this stage of my life. The change of careers has been extremely easy. After all, it is said medicine is an art, and art is medicine.

The visceral nature of my work may have to do with seeing life, suffering and death every day as I did. I feel that my paintings are expressions of man's plight: his joys, sorrows, frustrations and pains. But, mostly, my art is me. I find an affinity with Nietzsche (in his search for identity in ECCE HOMO) in that I also am a "disciple of Dionysos and prefer to be a satyr rather than a saint". Anger may be present in my paintings, but it springs more from existential concerns than from any personal hostility or frustration. I cry easily, sometimes out of sadness, sometimes out of joy. Yet I remain in control, and I feel that I harbor an inner strength, perhaps owing to my previous professional discipline. This control I try to abandon in my painting. I pick up a color and begin. The state of "mushin," as the Japanese call it, takes over as I cover the canvas with unconscious awareness to the loud music of Shostakovich, Bruckner or Mahler. This state (mushin) of no-mindedness is then followed by an attempt to come to terms with my subconscious in the aesthetic manner by modification and alteration. This whole process may take place many times in the same painting. I delight in creating ambiguous forms, nuances, textures and wonderful accidents. I love to view my paintings up close, my eyes only a few inches from the canvas to appreciate these effects. I am not the first to paint in this manner. Yet, regardless of comparisons of styles or influences, I hope my work bears its own signature born of someone who would splash, drip, and splatter to his own tune.