Solo Exhibitions
2014Art Alternative Gallery Brookline, MA, Norman Liebman
2012Carpentier Galerie, Berlin Germany, Norman Liebman Paintings
2005Galerie Squ'art, Les Rosiers Sur Loire, France, Portraits
2004Leonard Tachmes Gallery, North Miami Fl, Paintscapes
2001Leonard Tachmes Gallery, North Miami FL, Personages
2001Galerie Troiseme Etage, Berlin, Germany, Malerei
2000Galerie Origin, Orleans, France, Expressions, Impressions
1999Coral Springs, Museum of Art, Coral Springs, Florida, Portraits
1997Galerie Troiseme Etage, Berlin, Germany, Personages
1997Collegiale St. Pierre-le-Puellier, Orleans, France, Visages de la Mémoire, Mémoire du Corps
1996Jeanine Cox Gallery, Bay Harbor, Florida, Informal Portraits
1995Center for the Arts, Vero Beach, Florida, Automatic Gestures
1994Galerie Origin, Orleans, France, Paintings and Drawings
1993Atelier Nr. 695, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Norman Liebman, Malerei
1993Richard Arregui Fine Arts, September Songs
1993Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Norman Liebman, South Florida Expressionism
1992Gusman Center Gallery, Miami, Florida, The Muses and other Works
1992Arregui Hsia Fine Arts, Coral Gables, Florida, Exposures of the Soul
1991Arnold Gottlieb Gallery, Toronto, Canada, Recent Paintings
1990Arregui Hsia Fine Arts, Coral Gables, Florida, Manipulated Expressions

Group Exhibitions
2003Galerie Angerer, Vomperbach bei Schwaz,Tirol, Austria Bilder
2003Leonard Tachmes Gallery, North Miami, Fl, Vol.3 No. 2
2002Silvana Faccini Gallery, Miami, Fl, My First Gallery
2001Art Center South Florida, Miami Beach, Fl, The Medium is the Message
2001Silvana Faccini Gallery, Miami, Fl, Living in Miami
1997Chateau des Boullants, Dammarie-les-Lys, France, Salon d'Art Contemporain
1995Center for the Arts, Vero Beach, Florida Drawing Invitation
1993Polk Museum of Art, Fourth All Florida Biennial Purchase Prize Award - Juror: Jan Avgikos, School for Visual Arts, New York University
1992Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, 34th Annual Hortt Memorial Competition - Juror: Elizabeth Sussman, Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City
1992South Florida Art Center, Third Annual Florida State of the Arts Exhibition, Miami Beach Florida - Juror: John Catterall, Chair, Department of Art, University of Florida
1991South Florida Art Center, Second Annual Florida State of the Arts Exhibition, Miami Beach, Florida; Juror: Ken Rollins, Director of Polk Museum of Art
1991South Florida Art Center, Miami Beach, Florida, Paintings and Painted Contruction
1991Art Miami '91, Arrigui Hsia Fine Arts, Miami Beach, Florida
1990Society of Four Arts, Palm Beach, Florida, 52nd Contemporary Art Competition - Juror: Hugh M. Davis, Director of La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art
1990Arregui Hsia Fine Arts, Coral Gables, Florida, Emerging Talents
1990Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, 32nd Annual Hortt Memorial Competition - Juror: Ellen O'Donnell, Director of Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art
1990Boca Raton Museum of Art, 39th Annual Juried Show, Three Paintings, Awarded All-Florida Prize - Juror: Diane Waldman, Guggenhiem Museum, New York
1990Bakehouse Art Complex, First Annual Juried Show, 1st Prize - Juror: Kenworth W. Moffet, Fort Lauderdale Museum
1989Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, 31st Annual Hortt Competition - Juror: Charles Millard, Hirschorn Museum, Washington, D.C.